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alumina ceramic

Alumina ceramic are widely used ceramics. Because of its superior performance, it has been widely used in modern society to meet the needs of daily use and special performance.

1. The hardness was determined by Shanghai Silicate Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and its Rockwell hardness was HRA80-90, which was second only to diamond and far exceeded the wear resistance of wear-resistant steel and stainless steel.

2. The wear resistance of alumina ceramic is excellent. The wear resistance is 266 times that of manganese steel and 171.5 times that of high chromium cast iron, as measured by the Powder Metallurgy Research Institute of Central South University. According to our customer tracking survey for more than ten years, under the same working conditions, the service life of the equipment can be extended at least ten times.

3. Light in weight, its density is 3.5g/cm3, only half of that of steel, which can greatly reduce the equipment load.

General molding methods can be used for alumina products, such as dry pressing method, grouting method, pouring method, extrusion method, film binding method, etc. In recent years, filter pressing molding, direct solidification molding, gel injection molding, centrifugal grouting molding and solid free molding have been developed at china and abroad. Different alumina products with different shapes, sizes, complex shapes and precision require different molding methods.

The microstructure of alumina ceramic determines that it must have a series of advantages, such as:Alumina ceramic materials have the characteristics of excellent insulation, low high-frequency loss and good high-frequency insulation.Alumina ceramics are incombustible, rust free, solid and not easy to be damaged, and have excellent properties that other organic materials and metal materials cannot match.The wear resistance of alumina ceramics is the same as that of corundum, reaching Mohs hardness level 9. The wear resistance is comparable to that of superhard alloy.The heat resistance of alumina ceramics is characterized by small thermal expansion coefficient, high mechanical strength and good heat conductivity.Alumina ceramics have the characteristics of chemical corrosion resistance and molten metal resistance.

alumina ceramic